Enhance your visibility and uncover the strongest leads. Our proprietary resume-posting site and job board will
speed your connection to top career opportunities.

Uncovering career opportunities requires searching and making yourself searchable. LHH Resume Reserve and JobScout are integrated online tools that allow you to post your resume and search for opportunities among active job leads. With LHH Resume Reserve, your skills and talents will be accessible to recruiters and hiring managers seeking candidates with your skills. With LHH JobScout, you’ll take the lead in pursuing the next advance in your career by searching millions of job leads. These online tools offer a powerful one-two combination.

Resume Reserve™. Optimised Searchability. LHH is a global organisation that attracts the most sought-after employers worldwide to our resume-posting service. Companies simply register and begin targeted searching of our database for skilled talent. We’ll help you create your profile, upload your resume and optimise its searchability so that you stand out. Resume Reserve puts you in front of hiring managers and recruiters actively seeking candidates to fill open positions.

JobScout™.A World of Leads. JobScout provides access to exclusive jobs leads gathered by our global network of LHH Job Market Consultants, and is powered by Indeed™. With JobScout, you specify criteria including job title, industry, salary and location, so that your search is precisely targeted. Active job leads are then delivered directly to you. Seamlessly integrated with LinkedIn™, JobScout enables you to use search results to identify people in your professional network connected with companies looking to hire. JobScout is accessible from multiple devices so you can respond immediately when you get a great lead.