Build leadership capabilities for future success. Develop a pipeline of leaders for today and tomorrow. Create alignment around your business strategy for faster, more effective execution.

Through our Leaders at all Levels™ and Physicians’ Leadership Program, Lee Hecht Harrison cultivates leadership by focusing on three levers — the individual, the leadership team, and the leadership culture. Our unique and flexible approach brings together expertise in leadership, assessment, coaching, and learning to ensure that leaders from the C-suite to the front-line develop the competencies they need to achieve their business priorities.

We believe performance begins and ends with accountability. Our programs help leaders accept their leadership responsibilities and hold themselves accountable for their actions and results, as well as the development and results of their teams.
Our solutions can be customised to include individual coaching, group training, virtual programs, and our award-winning e-learning programs. Trainer certification is also available to develop in-house delivery expertise.

  • Executive Leaders: Strengthen leaders’ ability to execute strategy, lead change, drive innovation, engage employees, and build talent for the future
  • Mid to Senior Leaders: Increase leaders’ broader impact by moving them beyond their silos and functional orientation. Develop their ability to lead through influence and collaboration.
  • Entry-Level Leaders: Create a mindset of accountability. Help employees gain confidence and consistency when making difficult decisions. Establish aligned teams that can execute your strategy, develop talent, and build their own resilience.
  • Emerging Leaders: Provide clarity to individuals embarking on a leadership path. Gain key insights about how they’re wired and what kind of leader they want to be. Provide planning and support for gaining the critical experiences, skills, tools, and focus for success.
  • High Potentials: Accelerate high potentials’ development and ability to contribute at new levels. Gain in-depth insights into their talent through assessments, coaching, and experiential assignments. Stretch their learning dexterity through targeted content and exposure to senior leaders and mentors.
  • Women in Leadership: Accelerate the advancement of high potential women through our established award-winning leadership and gender development programs. Build the mindset and skills essential for leadership success while addressing the critical challenges that often hold women back.