The right coach can inspire, motivate, and increase employee engagement even during times of uncertainty and change.

Create a self-sustaining, systemic coaching culture that mitigates internal coaching blind spots. Expand team and group coaching with a scalable, proven approach where leaders recognise and gain the unique skills they need to lead and coach their teams.

As a leading global coaching provider accredited by the International Coach Federation (ICF), Lee Hecht Harrison delivers flexible solutions available in-person, online, or as a blended approach to meet the unique needs of individuals or groups within your organisation. Our coaches provide a wide range of industry, functional, and situational expertise to get results, fast.

We’re recognised by Kennedy Consulting Research & Advisory as a Vanguard leader in leadership development for our exceptional coaching programs informed by local and global insights, as well as for consistent, high-quality delivery and project management.

We are unique in our ability to deliver, manage, and customise large-scale projects. Our global reporting platform provides transparent access to data that measures and tracks coaching activity, outcomes, and investment.

  • Executive Coaching: Increase leaders’ emotional intelligence, commitment, and job satisfaction. Ensure faster leadership development. Empower leaders with the behaviours and skills for faster on-boarding into new roles and improved team dynamics. Our coaches engage leaders in supportive and trusting relationships to deliver measurable outcomes aligned with your business strategy.
  • Team Coaching: Accelerate development and productivity of new and existing teams. Drive stronger working relationships, improved collaboration, better communication, and higher performance. Our coaches have the right skills and expertise to deliver coaching to teams effectively and efficiently.
  • Coaching Conversations™: Create a dynamic environment for increased engagement and retention. Empower managers to conduct effective conversations with employees on ongoing basis.
  • Coaching Practices for Leaders™: Provide leaders with the tools to develop capabilities, guide careers, and drive productivity. Build new competencies and deliver tangible improvements to coaching performance.
  • Coach the Coach™: Build a community of ICF-certified leader coaches throughout your organisation. Equip HR and Talent Management professionals with core skills and strategies for providing consistent, results-oriented coaching to individuals, groups, and teams.