Organisations are flatter. Career paths are more fluid. Different generations of workers have different priorities — new and flexible work arrangements; greater transparency; more meaningful opportunities, faster.

One thing that hasn’t changed is the importance of career development. Organisations are 21%* more likely to report positive revenue growth if they actively promote career management.

Deliver solutions your workforce needs to increase employee engagement, retention, and productivity.

Lee Hecht Harrison helps organisations foster workforce loyalty. We provide employees with practical guidance on identifying options and taking control of their careers, and integrate individual career aspirations with the organisation’s business goals. Our approach ensures shared accountability for career development where employees own it, managers support it, and organisations enable it.

Our programs can be customised to accommodate a single individual or group, and can include in-person training, virtual training, or a blended approach to fit your needs.

  • Develop, Engage & Retain. CAREERFOCUS™ training programs empower employees to develop career plans that align with their individual career goals and the organisation’s business objectives. The result? Engaged employees and a stronger employer brand.
  • Empower People Managers. TALENTBUILDER™ helps managers develop the competencies necessary to foster the development and retention of key talent, and identify potential flight risks.