Don’t just measure engagement – improve it. By linking employee engagement with business strategy, Lee Hecht Harrison enables companies to increase productivity, profitability, and customer satisfaction.

Better career development is consistently ranked as a top driver of engagement. Provide career management that empowers employees to develop their skills and take charge of their career paths. Prevent disruptive turnover in key positions and functions. Align career goals with the needs of your organisation.

Our employee engagement solutions combine industry-leading tools, resources, and technology to develop employees at all levels to help you retain and engage your biggest asset — your talent. Practical, proven approaches support employees’ growth and development within your organisation, and prepare managers to have more effective career and coaching conversations. Our online solutions ensure scalable, sustainable improvement.

Our Employee Engagement Services

Career Development

Build a stronger employer brand through training programs that give employees control over their futures. Ensure managers can support and retain high-potential and high-performing talent. Balance the needs of different employee demographics.

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Online Career Development

Equip employees to leverage their skills, interests, and knowledge for future opportunities through a company-branded, customisable Career Development Portal. Provide effective career coaching tools that integrate your existing resources.

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