Changing, unclear, or ambiguous conditions can stagnate productivity. Ensure your workforce can adapt and meet business objectives when faced with extended periods of uncertainty.

Create the right conditions for success during times of increased stress and disruption.

Lee Hecht Harrison builds capabilities among leaders and employees to adjust to change and uncertainty, drive performance, and respond quickly to new challenges.

Our interactive two-hour modules or half-day seminars can serve up to 20 individuals, and can be customised to meet your needs.

  • Resilience for Leaders: Equip leaders with the knowledge and techniques to build their teams’ ability to adapt, respond, and recover from ongoing change and uncertainty. Ensure leaders can leverage four key resilience indicators — adopting a positive mindset, finding solutions, tapping resources for support, and taking action — to maintain productivity and engagement.
  • Developing Personal Resilience: Help employees take effective action and maintain positive performance during organisational change and the period of uncertainty before change occurs. Provide individuals with the mindset, skills, and behaviours to bounce back and thrive while working in the unknown.