Finding the best job fast — not just any job — is the only measure of a successful transition. It requires aligning individuals’ experience, competencies, motivation, and cultural fit with their job search — not just prompting responses to numerous online job postings.

Lee Hecht Harrison’s Next Gen Career Resource Network™ (CRN) is a revolutionary cloud-based career development and career transition platform that brings unparalleled agility and focus to the job search process.

Most online tools that support or automate career transitions are content repositories that offer “one size fits all” resources and access to public job leads. The Next Gen CRN is a game-changer.

Accessible 24/7 online and on mobile devices, the Next Gen CRN combines innovative technology with over 40 years of expertise and proven methodologies. It uses a proprietary recommendation engine to personalise each individual’s career transition and job search based on their specific career goals, level, motivations, and interests. Each individual sees only the information, resources, and job leads that are relevant to their career goals, level, criteria, and location.

Our breakthrough technology reflects how companies hire today, using an in-depth, multidimensional approach to learn about employees’ experience, competencies, fit, and motivation. We help individuals strategise their next move, prioritise tactics, develop key skills, and execute effectively to advance their careers and find a position that excites them.

  • The Next Gen CRN responds to employees’ individual needs and delivers a customised experience to empower their search, with a personal dashboard that provides targeted, easy-to-navigate resources and coaching.
  • A sophisticated productivity tool, the Next Gen CRN enables employees to measure and track their progress, gain insights into what’s working, and develop skills to improve outcomes.
  • Employees get targeted job leads using specific job criteria, and we ensure their resumes reach organisations looking to hire people like them.
  • As the world’s largest career and leadership development firm, we connect individuals with an unparalleled network of organisations actively seeking skilled talent via our Virtual Career Fairs.
  • Employees in transition will determine career goals that match their strengths and aspirations; develop a great resume and capture attention; learn social strategies to tell their career story on LinkedIn; upgrade skills and enhance their marketability; and hone interviewing skills that turn leads into offers.