Retain high-performing talent during organisational change and match them with roles where they can add the most value — demonstrating commitment to your people, increasing employee engagement and minimising recruitment costs.

Often, organisations let go employees in one department while another is recruiting externally. By moving individuals into new roles internally where they can continue to contribute, organisations can retain valuable institutional knowledge, mitigate transition risks and increase overall employee satisfaction.

Lee Hecht Harrison’s redeployment programs match organisational talent needs with the skill and experience of employees impacted by a restructuring. Our turnkey solution can be implemented quickly and easily. Using the latest technology, LHH Redeployment provides a flexible, cost-effective way to customise and implement a robust set of tools and resources for internal job search.

We equip employees with a framework for matching their skills and interests with open positions in your organisation, then guide them through a structured internal job search process. Employees gain access to new opportunities, as well as personalised career coaching for expert advice. Our reporting capability allows you to measure activity, utilisation and results.

  • Assessments help employees to make informed decisions about their career options.
  • Impacted individuals are positioned for success through resume creation, personal branding, video interview practice and networking that are supported by a variety of learning modalities, resources and skill-building tools. LinkedIn integration helps individuals quickly build and leverage their network.
  • Employees can search and apply for new positions that align with their priorities and goals using a centralised, easy-to-navigate list of internal job postings.