Maintain your organisation’s brand equity, your reputation as an employer of choice — while supporting your people through change.

Much more than just reducing severance costs, effective career transition support is about doing what’s best for individuals and the organisation.

Well-managed transitions allow companies to focus on achieving their business goals. By preparing for all possible scenarios, we minimise distractions and support HR leaders throughout transition planning and execution — enabling them to maintain employee engagement and productivity during a potentially volatile time. We ensure departing employees are treated fairly and help them find new careers, fast.

Lee Hecht Harrison’s fully customised career transition professional programs help companies retain the respect of both departing and remaining employees, preventing a talent drain and mitigating risk. Services can be delivered in person or virtually, and are designed to accommodate various generational preferences, learning styles, career paths, and interests.

Our comprehensive solutions include dedicated one-on-one coaching with a certified career coach, and are supported by the most powerful career-building technology and job search tools available in our industry.

Provide your professional and management level employees with the skills and resources to achieve their unique career goals. A dedicated career coach, in-depth assessments, resume and LinkedIn profile development, interview simulations, and communication coaching, as well as networking introductions and access to our Career Resource Network™, ensure they are quickly positioned for success.